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Starting to give advice again! 

However, I moved to a different blog and I’d really love for some of you to ask me questions again.

ask me here.

I truly miss giving advice and I hope you guys ask me stuff. I’m here to help!

Anonymous said: part 2: he wouldnt so i decided to sit on him and then he pulled me really close and i was lying on him sorta and he was hugging me and wouldnt let me go and it was so cute and i started to think: wow i miss this. but i cant miss it. hes my best friend and hes told all my friends that he doesnt like me and i dont like him like that until today i started crying and i realized i do like him and i was crying because i knew he didnt like me back. nobody knows i was crying or that i like him. help me

Aww, this touched my heart. I know friendships are really difficult to keep when feelings develop. I honestly can’t see how he could say he doesn’t have feelings for you when you guys are so affectionate. If you’re brave enough, ask him upfront how he feels. I mean, no guy is gonna tell all his friend he likes a girl he can’t be with. Maybe he just doesn’t want people in your business.

If you don’t want to talk about it upfront, keep being affectionate and see his reactions. See how he reacts. Learn his body language. If you reach for his hand, see if he holds yours. etc. Sometimes it’s better speak physically than verbally.


Anonymous said: could you give me ideas on what to get my bf for xmas? thanks x x

Oh yeah, gifts are pretty hard. It all depends on what your boyfriend likes. It doesn’t have to be pricey. For example, my boyfriend wants to build air crafts. So I was going to get him a remote control helicopter. :) 
Think of a gift that isn’t just cool in general or pricey. Try a gift that shows you care and know what he enjoys. I don’t know your boyfriend so I can’t be good at telling you what he’d like. 

Um, does he like sports? Try a jersey of his favorite team. Does he like games? Halo 4 just came out.

I’m sorry, I’m pretty bad at gifts myself. My boyfriend made me a list of things he’d want. Maybe you can just flat out ask him.


Anonymous said: its thanksgiving break and i kinda miss talking to one of my guy friends, he use to text me al the time but i dont rly text so he stopped and i kinda wanna text him but idk what i would say like 'i cant sleep' or something?? do guys really care if u text them? or wuld he be alright if i didnt text him this break and came back wuld he still talk to me?

Every person, boy or girl, loves to be texted first. It’s a great feeling that someone was thinking of you enough to take action. If you miss him, talk to him. It’s even more special when you take time out of your vacation to text him. Just say “Hey, it’s been a while. How are you? :)” or something along those lines. Don’t say anything like “I can’t sleep” because it seems like he’s a last resort for your entertainment. Text him! DO IT NOW.


Anonymous said: sometimes people call me a weirdo.. it always brings me down.. this ever happen to you?

All the time! I actually like it. “Weird” is a term used for those who are DIFFERENT. Don’t be offended. It’s the same thing as someone saying you’re different or foreign. Everyone’s definition of normal is different, remember that.


Anonymous said: hey im the girl who asked about my guy friend leo.. so today he had a thing of jelly bellys and was giving them to ppl at the beginning of class & didnt give me one.. then in the middle of class he randomly hands me one, i take it and he and this other dude start cracking up! anyway then during history he yelled out 'water polo is stupid!' and he knows i play water polo and i just yelled back 'ur so mean!'.. now i feel like hes trying to push my buttons :P so i just stop taking to him?

His behavior is a bit suspicious. I think you need new friends. He sounds like a jerk really. I’m still offended by the “too easy” comment.


Anonymous said: Im the person that asked about the cutting..I believe you, no doubt. I believe everything U write..i just wanted to do the same and wanted to know if i should do it across or down. i dont wana kill myself.

I hope you can grow out of this bad habit of cutting and find alternative ways to express yourself. Until then, be light with your cuts across the top of your arm. It’s less dangerous. Be sure to clean your cuts after as well.

That’s all I’m going to say. Never would I give across on HOW to cut. I prefer to tell you to stop as soon as you can. Tell a friend you need help. Once your start, it’s hard to stop and it just gets worse. If you ever need anyone to talk to or need more advice, please come to me. At least with me, you can remain anonymous and have some privacy. I’ll be happy to help. If you ever want to talk on a more personal level, you can come back (off anon) and ask for my Facebook. 

-A♥, love yourself, you’re beautiful. 

Anonymous said: one of my guy friends named leo has a gf and flirts around w/ girls a lot, & im one of those girls. so we've been friends pretty much since the first day of school & hes really into baseball & made the team. in one of my classes, we have this junior as a teacher assistant named paul & he also plays baseball so he knows my leo. im kinda friends w/ paul, today paul told me how leo & him were talking about me and leo called me 'too easy'. wats that mean? how can i change his opinion of me?

I don’t think you should worry about you changing his opinion. I think you should stop talking to him! Being too easy is a way of saying that he can get with you anytime he wants. It’s not a good thing at all and it’s very disrespectful to say about a girl. 


Anonymous said: My boyfriend lives 3 hours away, I get to see him most weeks but when i'm not with him he never makes an effort to text me or anything and it makes me feel like he doesn't care. I've been friends with this other guy for a while and I met him for the first time at a gig on saturday, he got stranded so i let him stay at my hotel, and we kissed. Only for a second then I told him I couldn't, he lives ages away so i doubt i'll see him again, but i have a huge crush on him and he's so nice to me.

Right now, you’re submitting into your need for affection. Because you feel your boyfriend is neglecting you, you’re trying to find affection with someone else. That’s normal. However, if your boyfriend isn’t being as good as he should be, to a point in which you find yourself doing things with someone else, you shouldn’t be with him. However, this new guy would have the same issue. Since he lives so far, you’d fall into the same need again later on. I think you should find yourself someone that is capable of giving you the physical and emotional love you need on a daily basis. 


Anonymous said: theres this guy. i met him this year. im kinda a shy person, hes really outgoing & everyone loves him. hes cute & funny, and weve become really good friends. the thing is. thats how i kinda want it to stay w/ him now but hes ALWAYS treating me so special! i told him i was cold so he gave me his jacket one time. he always hugs me when he sees me & tells me how he is sad when im gone. he has a gf though that lives like 10 hours away they never see eachother. do u think he likes me or is hejustnice

I think you’re that girl that he’s affectionate toward because he can’t be affectionate toward his actual girlfriend. He’s lonely. I think he’s just expressing his affection to you as a substitute for his girlfriend. I think you should talk to him about it if you’re feeling uncomfortable. His behavior can make your friendship awkward and we wouldn’t want his girlfriend finding out that he’s been so touchy feely with you. 


Anonymous said: in my english class we have an assistant teacher thats a senior (im a freshmen) and we talk kinda a lot and everyone thinks I like him! like i honestly DONT!! if i were to like and older guy it would be a sophomore at the most! Plus I like someone else... my friends thinks i like him as well as this guy in my class. im thinking of telling her if she asks me like 'ew no i like some1 else' but then she would ask me who and i dont wanna tell her! what should i do? btw i stopped talking to him

Well first, clarify with people that accuse you of liking him that you don’t and you’re just friends. That is ALL you need to say. You don’t need to mention that you like someone else because that’s no one’s business but your own. 

Second, you don’t have to stop talking to him if you don’t want to. Try speaking to your actual crush as often as you talk to this assistant teacher guy. You don’t have to act disgusted about him. Obviously he doesn’t discuss you if you talk a lot. That could get around and hurt his feelings. Just correct anyone that thinks you like him and leave it at that.


Anonymous said: My friend Katie never wants to be with me when I'm with my boyfriend. Why?

There could be many reasons. I’ll make a list:

  • Being the third wheel. It’s awkward to be around a couple all lovey dovey and showing PDA all the time. No one wants to sit there and watch that. It’s uncomfortable.
  • Is she in a relationship? Maybe it’s one of those things that she doesn’t want to be around a couple because she isn’t a part of one. 
  • How do you act when all three of you are together? Maybe she knows that you’re going to ignore her so she doesn’t bother going. If you guys are kissing and snuggling while she’s talking, I’m sure she would feel ignored.

That’s just a few off the top of my head. Ask her about it, though. 


Anonymous said: cont. i texted my first friend saying ill try to make it both work by going to my second friends party then quickly going over to her house then go trick or treating and she just texted back ok. but the party took longer then i thought. then i texted her asking if she was already out trick or treating &stuff and she just said ya. she wasnt at school today so idk if shes mad (sounds like she is)... but getting mad over trick or treating? do u think she'll be mad forever? wen wll she get over it?

I’m sorry I took so long to respond! Tumblr doesn’t alert me when I get questions anymore. :/ I don’t think she’d be that upset. I mean, you said you’d TRY. However, you did promise her first. 

I’m going to try very hard not to sound like I’m lecturing you right now but please be mindful of who you agree to hang out with first because canceling plans with someone can hurt their feelings. I dont think she’d be angry too long, but she might feel a little rejected. Just talk to her and tell her that you didn’t mean to get caught up with your party.


Anonymous said: I really hate my geometry class. Just for the simple fact that theres a boy I like in there, and then the rest is just people I dont know. *thats the only class im taking that has 9th graders in it* Im always paranoid the teacher will call on me to go up to the board and I wont know the answer. and I'll embarass myself in front of my crush.. Have you ever had a class like this?

In high school, teachers rarely asked me to go to the board for anything. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that much. But I understand that you’re nervous. All I can say is raise your hand for easy questions you believe you know so your teacher won’t call you for a harder one. That way, you don’t get embarrassed. :)


Anonymous said: srry if this sounds rly dumb but my birthday was 6 days ago and i got stuff from a few close friends that i became friends with this year and they just rly made my day, but with my friends that ive known since 6th grade (im in 9th) just said hi to me during a passing period and didnt even say happy birthday.. or post anything on my wall.. none of my close friends that ive known for a while did.. it sounds dumb but idk is this stupid to be a bit upset over? i dont care for attention but still

You don’t sound stupid. I understand that you feel a bit neglected. However, as time goes on, people you knew when you were young will drift from you. I don’t speak to anyone from 6th grade now that you mention it. Don’t fret too much about the people in your past. Be grateful for you is by your side right now.