Smile today, smile tomorrow, smile for all eternity.
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*sigh* Scott…

You continue to disappoint me…I wish we could be friends.

I really do…

You really do deserve loyal friends, Bell. <3

I feel like shit.

I hate the kind of decisions that one of two people that you truly love will get hurt no matter what you choose.

Why couldn’t I have gotten struck by lightning at that exact point in time so I didn’t have to choose? :/ 

This is strange…

I’ve been thinking about my ex’s little brother lately. He has Autism. I remember, when I would go over, he’d yell on the phone (or at least I thought it was on the phone) and argue about the strangest things. He’d toss things and physically fight his brother. 

But he was so kind when he wanted to be. I remember how happy his brother made him. He was so proud. He was always so happy to see him, like when a child’s mom or dad comes home, he’d jump for joy.

I wonder how he’s doing…

A little part of me enjoyed being bitter. It gave me an excuse to be a jerk to people.


Where would I be without you?

You’re a scum bag.

You always will be.

I can’t believe I ever trusted you…

I hate being home alone…

and trapped with all my miserable thoughts…

You know what, Scott?

You’re a fucking prick. You’re never gonna find “the love of your life” if you don’t get your shit together…

So I’m having an emotional moment by myself…

because I realized that last Christmas, I asked Santa for a Valentine. 

And I got my boyfriend instead. :’) ♥

I’m at a happy place. I have what most girls would want in a relationship. I have a loyal, kind, thoughtful, handsome boyfriend that loves me and treats me like a princess. I couldn’t ask for more.

He puts me first. He tells me everything he feels. He isn’t afraid to hold my hand in front of our friends. My family likes him. 

I can’t even list all the things I love about him.

He’s just the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

Boys needs to get their shit together.

They need to appreciate what they have and stop fuckin’ around.